'Think Like A Man Too'

*In 2012 the first film grossed $92 million.

This weekend the all star cast is back in ‘Think Like A Man Too.’

EUR associate Fahnia Thomas sat down with Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Jerry Ferrara, and Gary Owen to chat about the romantic comedy and their favorite parts of the film.

EUR: What is your favorite scene in the movie besides your own?

Hart: I know you said outside of our own scene but this is about their reactions to my character, not about me. When you guys come into the Constantine Villa and I’m in the jacuzzi  (and it appears like I’m naked) talking to ya’ll and then I get out…and ya’ll are like ‘Ahhh man come on!’…We never show anything. It’s just how unaware my character is. You guys, the visual…am I naked, am I not. That made me laugh!

Kevin Hart

Terrence J: I like Dennis Haysbert (Uncle Eddie) and Jenifer Lewis’s (Loretta) parts. I love their chemistry. When he comes on screen and they drop that music…they kill it!

Ferrara: The girls with the ‘Poison’ video! I’m jealous! I actually, for the first time wish I could take a scene and do it. I wish we could have done a scene like that too.

'Think Like A Man Too'

Owen: David Walton, who plays one of Terrence J’s frat brother, when they show up, it brings a different energy. It was so funny! I remember shooting that scene. It still makes me laugh because I also think about what didn’t make the film.

'Think Like A Man Too'

EUR: How is ‘Think Like A Man Too’ different from the first movie?

Hart: It’s a different energy, its bigger, its better. We took other movies like ‘Hang Over’ and ‘Bridesmaids,’ and incorporated some of the things they did. Then we put it into our element and put that craziness in a relationship film, which you don’t really see at this level. I like it because it raises the bar for everybody’s character. The females are doing so much more.

'Think Like A Man Too'

“Think Like a Man Too” premiers this Friday (06-20-14) in theaters through out North America. For showtimes in your area, hit up Fandango.