jay z - a genius leaves the hood (log)

*Last week at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) a screening of “A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z” courtesy of Moguldom Films was held to great snticipation.

This intriguing and well delivered film encompasses some of the most candid, blatant, and outright unabashed interviews ranging from the likes of the well-known, such as Kim Osorio, Jaz-O and high ranking African Americans in academia to lesser-known Brooklyn community activists and everyone in between.

The implicit candor of each interviewee adds more substance and depth to this unauthorized story which should make anyone of this generation, albeit a fan of Jay Z or not, want to see this film.

A compilation of interviews, video footage, reenactments, and pictures, this documentary chronicles the life of one of the most prolific rappers in existence. From Marcy projects to Roc-A-Fella to Def Jam to Barclays Center , this film seeks to explore the innermost workings of the enigma we know as Shawn Carter and the shrewd businessman we know as Jay Z.

A well-diversified mogul, or a strategic opportunist? An exploiter of materialism or a philanthropic subscriber? The creative brains of Moguldom Films did a superb job in creating this ambiguity and thought provoking dichotomy of personae in the viewers’ minds. It is without a doubt that we ALL have individually formulated our own opinions of Jay Z and whether you as the reader feel he is no better now than the drug dealing person he was in his early career, or perhaps you feel he is a brilliant and skillful calculator of his mega celebrity status, one thing is for certain- he is a globally recognized icon of financial success. In the film, it is suggested that this measure of success can be attributed to Jay Z’s ‘selectiveness’, in both his business and personal relationships.

Check it out for yourself though…… “A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z” is available on Moguldom.com, iTunes, and GooglePlay. Below, see the video of EVP, Moguldom Films, Barion Grant and President, Entertainment Moguldom Brett Dismuke discussing Moguldom as well as upcoming films on the red carpet at the ABFF screening.

Watch Barion & Dismuke discuss the film:

Watch the trailer for “A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z”: