morris chestnut & madge evans

* associate Madge Evans was in NYC this past weekend to cover the American Black Film Festival and sat down for a brief chat with 2014 ABFF Ambassador Morris Chestnut to discuss the duties inclusive of carrying the notable moniker.

A recurring face at the ABFF for years, Chestnut proudly acknowledges his obligations as this year’s ambassador and embraces his title, as he sees the ABFF as a place of opportunity and networking for emerging actors, producers, filmmakers, and screenwriters to converge all while sharing a common thread, the love of the film industry.

A versatile, solid actor in the business with proven longevity, Chestnut reveals he is continuing to bring his fans more both on the small and big screen, while also delving into the world of producing.

Wrapping up the interview, Chestnut reveals out of the many characters he has played, which one he feels he has connected with the most.

Watch the interview!

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