Jahna Sebastian

UK based, multi-talented recording artist Jahna Sebastian releases “Do It For You” remix. This house/electronic dance music track is off her upcoming EP “I Am Free” which is scheduled to drop this June.  The record was produced, written, recorded, mixed and arranged by the lovely songstress in her studio in London, Multivizion Music.

When asked about the inspiration for the “Do It For You” remix, Ms. Sebastian stated, “I love rave culture and making electronic dance music. I have been doing it for a long time, I have produced my first dance track back in 2006 as a part of my graduation from Music Production course at Point Blank College. This was way before EDM took over the world and became mainstream as it is now. It was my first transition from the reggae era in my music that I explored before that. My music has roots in my experiences in underground rave culture, be it my trips to parties or some of my performances that happened to be at underground warehouse nights, it’s a very special kind of vibe that I have known since I was a teenager and I like to experiment with it.”

This smooth house/EDM track is sure to keep club goers grooving with its hypnotizing beat and her smooth vocals.

Press play on the Soundcloud link below to listen to the new record.