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OJ Simpson and Willie ‘Smoke’ Hartwell

*Even if you’re serving time behind bars it doesn’t mean you’re no longer a wanted man. Au contraire. Just ask OJ Simpson.

On second thought maybe OJ is not the best example because well, he’s OJ Simpson and if you’re a badass behind bars, shanking “The Juice” or delivering a beatdown to him will get you some serious brownie points with all his haters on the inside and especially the outside where there are millions of them.

Apparently that’s the situation Mr. Simpson finds himself in while serving time at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. He’s been there since m2008. Keep in mind that it’s the 20th anniversary of the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. He fears – rightfully – that there are prisoners who want to make a name for themselves by doing something bad to him.

Well, the former NFL record setting running back, now 66, went and hired some protection, a dude named Willie Hartwell (44), aka Smoke, to watch his back while he serves his time, according to a report in the Mail Online.

‘Obviously, OJ can’t give Smoke any cash money but since he still gets bucks from his books every month through his family and from his female fans, Smoke tells OJ what he wants from the commissary — extra food, toiletries, stamps to send out letters, magazines – and OJ will get it for him!

‘And OJ has also promised if he is paroled in 2017 and Smoke is still there he will continue to put money on his books until he is paroled and help him when he gets out, like if he needs a place to crash for a while.’

Hasn’t O.J. had enough trouble with befriending criminals as it is? SMH.

As reported exclusively by MailOnline last week, Fred Goldman, the father of Nicole’s friend who was murdered with her on that hot June night, revealed OJ had been attacked several times.
Goldman says that he had heard a couple of rumors about Simpson, so he called the District Attorney’s office in Nevada to find out if they were true or not.

The first was that OJ was beaten up in prison. He found out the former NFL star was hit hard in his chest by another inmate but it was nothing serious.

The second rumor was that ‘someone in the prison found OJ attractive.’ The DA told him the prison officials reported back ‘We know nothing about THAT!’ — but their tone was very tongue-and-cheek. When Fred pressured the DA and asked ‘what does that mean?’ the DA responded; ‘it means exactly what you think it means.’

Goldman said the DA gave him the impression that OJ had, indeed, been sexually attacked.

The report also added that when OJ first arrived at Lovelock he was treated like royalty by the prisoners. Obviously because he was OJ Simpson, someone they knew because of his celebrity, but after all the newness and celeb shine wore off, Simpson started being treated like everyone else in lockdown and became a target.

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