Django-Zorro*Ever wonder what would happen if Django Freeman crossed paths with legendary pulp vigilante  Zorro?

Well look no further than Quentin Tarantino. reports the “Django Unchained” director is working on a comic book crossover that will indeed bring the film’s hero Django and Zorro together in the same story for a new mini-series. The adventure will be co-published by DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.

Tarantino will work with Matt Wagner to bring the vision to reality. In addition to working with Tarantino on the mini-series, Wagner will write the final scripts.

“I’m very very excited about both this story and the opportunity to work with Matt,” Tarantino said in a statement. “It was reading his Zorro stories that convinced me what a good idea it was to join these two icons together. And the story idea we came up with is thrilling, and I think will be an exciting new chapter for both characters.”

Although there is no official release date for the mini-series, MTV reports that but DC and Dynamite plan on the books hitting shelves later this year.