monifah & terez wedding

*Monifah tied the knot on the season finale of “R&B Divas: Atlanta” to girlfriend Terez.

And her R&B sisters definitely showed up and supported her beautiful day and union with her new wife.

But someone important in Monifah’s life wasn’t present. And that person was her daughter!

Monifah’s super religious daughter doesn’t support her sexuality or same-sex marriage to Terez. Therefore, she didn’t show up to her wedding.

Monifah talked with MadameNoire about her daughter not being present or supporting her happiness.

“You have to live your life for you. You demand respect in that area of your life because that is your life to live,” she said. “I think acceptance of people’s decisions and beliefs and choices in those things is very key.”

Monifah’s aware she can’t change certain folks perception of her, but that doesn’t stop her from doing her.

“You cannot change people. You have to keep it on you and do your best to be the example of what you’d like to see—in them or in the world period,” she said. “That’s really how I’ve been living my life. It helps me make much better decisions because you know, you can’t change people.You’ll be disappointed the minute you try. That’s not even our place.”

She added, “I’ve learned that acceptance is key in most of those situations. You have to protect yourself and your spirit and you have to make tough decisions. It’s not always easy,” she continued.

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Although her daughter was a no show, “R&B Divas” cast mates Meelah Williams, Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, Angie Stone and Latavia Roberson all showed up for their friend and fellow diva.

Watch a clip of the wedding from “R&B Divas: Atlanta” below: