Generation Y and Millennial Leaders To Spark Virtual Dialogue On Poverty in America at the Emerging Leaders Speak Twitter Town Hall

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*On Juneteenth, young leaders from around the country will log on twitter for the first Emerging Leaders Speak Twitter Town Hall on the topic  of “Breaking the Poverty Cycle”. Emerging Leaders Speak is an initiative of The K. Jules Project, organized by South Florida native and community advocate Kerline K. Jules.

“Leveraging the power of social media, I wanted to create a platform where our Generation Y and Millennial Generation leaders around the country could assemble for dialogue on issues that affect the African Diaspora”, Jules said. “Throughout the year, I plan to host various town halls on different topics ranging from the importance of voter participation to youth violence. It is my hope that the Emerging Leaders Speak series will grow as space to galvanize young leaders around civic engagement topics and bring visibility to some of the issues that we as Emerging Leaders care about.”

With Juneteenth as the backdrop, the first town hall will focus on the plight of poverty in the United States. According to the Department of Health, in 2012, an individual making $11, 170 or less was living in poverty.  The report identifies a family four with a household income of $23,050 or less as living in poverty. The US Census released its “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2012” report and it stated 46.5 million people (10 million families) in the US were living below the poverty line.  In the black community, 27.2% were living in poverty, which equates to 10.9 million people.  The phenomenon continues to grow and does not show any signs of slowing down.

The Emerging Leaders Speak Twitter Town Hall will take place on June 19, 2014 from 8pm-9pm EST using the hashtag #ELSpeak. It will be moderated by Kerline K.Jules (@KerlineKJules) and will feature eight of our nation’s emerging leaders including up and coming Civil Right Leaders, Educators, and Non-Profit Leaders.

 Guest Emerging Leaders Speak Twitter Panelist include: Brandon Shepherd (@savoythegreat) Director of Civic Engagement, The Next Big Thing Movement; Brent Page (@IamBrentDPage) Government Affairs Manager; Cory Provost (@coryprovost) District Leader 58th New York State Assembly District; Destiny DeJesus (@Pumpsnpolitics) Prospect Research Coordinator, Broward Partnership for the Homeless;  Merdochey LaFrance (@MTDot9) Civic Engagement Expert, Myeisha Hutchinson (@mdh_myeisha) Community Leader; Nerissa Street (@NerissaStreet) Educator and Niche Strategist; Zachary Rinkins (@RinkinsReport) Host & Producer, The Rinkins Report

All emerging leaders around the nation are welcomed to join the discussion from the comfort of their computers, tablets and smart phones using the hashtag #ELSpeak. Participants will have the opportunity to shine light on areas such as The Disappearing Middle Class, Climbing Cost of Leaving, Unemployment Insurance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Rising Student Loan Debt.

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Town Hall Moderator Kerline K. Jules, visionart, K. Jules Project

“Poverty is a real problem and we need as a community to start talking about it and we need for policy makers to start talking about it. Because if we don’t we will continue to see the poor get poorer and the heart of our nation, the middle class, will soon disappear. For millions of American families the unfortunate reality is that the only thing standing between them and poverty is their job.”, said Kerline K. Jules

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Zach Rinkins

Zach Rinkins

Zach Rinkins is the Associated Press award-winning host/producer of the Rinkins Report. Find out more at or on Twitter @RinkinsReport