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Tomi Rose, Realtor, author and television personality

*Calling Tomi Rose a renaissance woman might be an understatement. Rose, an author, realtor, executive, television personality, and mother is managing the rigors of family and the real estate business to unprecedented levels of success.

In 2012, Tomi achieved a feat no other African-American realtor in South Florida accomplished: selling more than $25 million in residential real estate in Miami-Dade and Broward counties in one fiscal year.

“It definitely takes persistence, hard work, dedication, and goal-setting to achieve anything worthwhile. It was not an easy road,” Rose revealed. “There wasn’t an open door for me. There were many obstacles I had to overcome to get to this level of success. It’s not a quick process.”

Rose’s repertoire includes more than 200 athletes and celebrities, among them the late Michael Jackson; basketball player Shaquille O’Neil; basketball player Carlos Boozer and family; Bryan “Birdman” Williams, CEO of Cash Money Records; actress Vivica Fox and others. Her solid relationships with these individuals as well as other titans of fashion, film, music and sports, gives her the advantage of direct access. Additionally, she understands, first hand, what their needs, preferences and demanding schedules are that allows her to effectively work while always providing top-notch service. She is currently working on a product to help others replicate her success.

“I am looking forward to coaching and teaching people with my International Sports Realtor certificate program. Participants will learn how to succeed in my business without having them go through the things that I had to go through to achieve this level of success,” Rose shared.

The Indiana-native has an affinity for single mothers. She wrote Why Shouldn’t Single Mothers Have It All as a how-to-guide and tribute to many women who must balance personal obligation with professional ambition.

“I was a single mother when I was trying to find my way and make things happen in the real estate business. I faced the challenges of being a new mom and having to go out and create a career. I encourage women and let them know that having a child does not have to stop you from doing what you truly want to do in life. Being a single mother does not stop what God has in store for you,” she said.

Rose offered these tips for success in life and business:

Get Your Mind Right: “I am usually awake before 6 a.m. I use that time to connect with my higher power. Once you clear your soul, you are prepared to conquer the world.”

Focus: “You have to be focused on what you are trying to accomplish. Neither my son nor my husband like that my phone rings all the time. But, I manage high end, very demanding clients. I have to be available to cater to their needs.”

Dedication: “You have to be dedicated to your dreams. You have to be the one who starts the work. You can’t let anyone else determine where you are going in life. I was shot down many times by people who said, ‘you won’t be able to do it.’ These same people also told me to focus on smaller deals. But, my determination allowed me to move forward and not allow someone else to decide my future. I already knew my path. I had to follow my path regardless of anybody trying to stop or misdirect me from it.”

Tomi Rose is the author of Why Shouldn’t Single Mothers Have It All. Follow her on twitter @TomiRoseOne


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