215973_10200114426122429_1112792554_nHistory is a funny thing.   They say we need to study it or else we’re all doomed to repeat it.  It is in that vein that EURweb presents to you video of a conversation Ricardo A. Hazell of The Shadow League recently had with pioneering hip-hop artist turned author Sheri Abernathy, also known as Sheri-Sher of the Mercedes Ladies.

To many in the current generation, women in hip-hop only go back as far as Salt-N-Pepa.  Some are so young that they think Lauryn Hill was the Holy Mother of Rap.  But there were those that paved the way for them all but enjoyed none of the fruits of their labors.  We can go deeper into the 80s with Roxanne Shante and before her it was Lady Dee and even further back we find MC Sha-Rock.

The aforementioned Sha-Rock was rocking the parks of the City as a singular rhyme regular and as a member of the Funky Four Plus One, but the Mercedes Ladies have a place in history as the first all-female hip-hop group ever.

Sheri-Sher is a founding member.  She and Hazell spoke about her book Mercedes Ladies, which is based on real-life events but the names have been changed, as well as her own personal trials and tribulations prior to her career, the hard road traveled during it, and the unique insights that she has for other young ladies who are willing to pick up the cold baton that she and her band mates created history with through their own sweat and tears.

Recently she and her group members were inducted into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame at a ceremony that took place at Studio 48 in NYC.   Mercedes Ladies can be purchased at Amazon.

Check out the video as she drops words of wisdom regarding how it all got started back in 1976.