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*Sherri Shepherd definitely shared with Mona Scott-Young how she felt about her shows on “The View.”

Shepherd got all up in Scott-Young’s grill for her portrayals of women of color on her “Love and Hip Hop” series.

Shepherd didn’t let the TV maven off the hook when she asked the tough questions about her two casts’ behavior on VH1.

This included the lack thereof women having calm and rational conversations about their issues with one another.

Instead, things always seem to get out of hand in the most ratchet ways. And Shepherd called out Scott-Young on this.

“It was like every time they talked it would escalate into a physical fight and it did something in my stomach to see my sisters over here fighting so much,” Shepherd said to Scott-Young. “I have to say, I have to be honest, I couldn’t watch it much after that.”

Scott-Young, of course, denied being an instigator of the many fights that broke out on her shows. She said the fights are not pushed for ratings.

“You know what it is? It’s the passion that they have about certain subjects and a lot of times it leads to that,” Scott-Young said.

Nevertheless, she made no apologizes for her shows and the many fighting scenes.

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