dwyane wade, siovaughn funches, *Dwyane Wade‘s ex-wife Siovaughn Funches isn’t giving up after publicly losing a nasty child custody battle last year!

Funches is suing Wade’s divorce attorney James Pritikin and Dolton, IL police for allegedly framing her of child abduction, according to NBC Chicago.

She claimed she was viciously attacked by the Dolton police in 2012 at her suburban home.

She believes Pritikin “conspired” with Dolton officers and Wade’s pal, New Lenox, IL mayor Tim Balderman, to have her falsely arrested for child abduction in failure of turning over the kids to her ex as directed by the judge. 

The charges were dropped, but the damage was done. Pritikin argued Wade deserved full-time custody of their two sons because of the incident.

Funches claimed to suffer a torn rotator cuff, asthma attack and a panic attack due to the police’s brutality.

But this isn’t the first lawsuit by Funches.  She filed suit in December — claiming Wade was physically abusive during their marriage.

After going through many attorneys, she protested outside the Daley Center with a sign, “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.”

Their divorce settlement required Wade pay her $5 million, give her their former South Holland mansion and four cars.

Funches is seeking $50,000 for this current lawsuit.