syleena-johnson*She may have problems with Blue Ivy’s hair, but Syleena Johnson is fan of the young lady and her famous mother.

So much so that the “Guess What” singer has gone on record as a self-described super fan of Beyoncé.

“She is the cutest, most adorable baby,” Johnson recently shared with “Me, Tamar [Braxton] and KeKe [Wyatt], we love Beyoncé. We love her baby.”

Johnson’s comments are a far cry from the shade she threw at Blue Ivy recently. After comparing the girl’s natural curls to those of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Beyoncé’s fans came down hard on Johnson, who wasn’t the only diva taking shots at Blue Ivy’s hair. Sister 2 Sister reports that KeKe Wyatt and Tamar Braxton, joined in on the Blue Ivy hair situation

Despite all the Blue Ivy drama, Johnson made sure to point out that what she said was nothing that should be taken seriously.

“I’m just jokes,” Johnson said. “In real life, I’m a Beyoncé stan in real life. I love Beyoncé and her daughter is too cute.”

While it’s nice to see Johnson come around, that hasn’t earned Blue Ivy a pass. The little girl’s hair is still subject to criticism.

“The girl hair was off the chain. The girl hair wasn’t combed, but a lot of our baby’s hair don’t be combed,” ,” said Johnson, who admitted that Beyonce’s fans are quick to defend their precious Bey. “The people on Twitter, I can’t do the computer thugs,” she said. “They be going in.”