Taye Diggs*Taye Diggs may play a homicide detective on TNT’s “Murder in the First,” but the actor didn’t expect to assume the role in real life.

Chatting with Wendy Williams, Diggs recently recalled an incident where he noticed an intruder attempting to break into his home while he and his family were inside in January.

“We heard something outside,” Diggs said about the incident, which happened in January. “The garage door was unlocked. We were sitting and I saw the door open.”

Realizing that things could’ve turned out differently, Diggs is now able to relate to stories about stories about moms who lift vehicles to save their children who become accidentally pinned underneath.

“I immediately ran and I saw this dark figure take off through the backyard. I was in my pajamas, bare feet,” said the “Best Man Holiday” star. “In my head, all I was thinking was, ‘This person was trying to come in and my child was there.’”

Although he did what he needed to do to protect his family, Diggs admitted he was a bit surprised by his reaction to the situation.

“I’m not this dude. I play this dude on TV. I was not thinking,” said the entertainer, who warned Williams’ audience about revealing too much on social media. “Be careful with the tweeting and all that. We tweeted that we were away and people thought that we weren’t home.”

Diggs’ home invasion echoes a similar incident that happened to LL Cool J. In 2012, the rapper/actor apprehended a home intruder, who sustained serious injuries from breaking into LL’s home.

To see more of Taye Diggs’ interview with Wendy Williams, where talks about “Murder in the First” and adjusting to being single, check out the video below: