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*The Game has been putting on quite the front with his new daughter Madison.

She has shown up in every family photo since Game claimed her as his daughter.

But ex-fiancee Tiffney Cambridge recently called out Game — saying Madison wasn’t his real daughter. And she was actually on point with her statements.

Madison’s real father Mike stepped forward — creating the Instagram account @Madison_Mike and showing photos of him with Madison and other family.

Cambridge said the little girl was taken under Game’s wing and she plays on his youth basketball team.

But Game claims her as his daughter no matter what everyone else believes and even said her father wasn’t in her life.

Game responded to Cambridge and his critics with, “so let’s get one thing clear for ALL & EVERYONE that has questions about MY DAUGHTER @daddyslilworld !!!!!!! She is my daughter !!! I am her FATHER !!!”

He added, “doesn’t matter if I am biologically her father or if I adopted her or if a father figure was absent in her life the last 9 years of it or not…… What matters is from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that WE BOTH we’re put into each other’s lives for a reason.”

Game claimed Madison’s father was NEVER in her life — not since birth.

“Her birth father, whomever he might be has been absent from her life since her birth & once I found that out, after already falling in love with her for the months prior to me accepting the role of her FATHER,” he said. “I immediately had several conversations with her mother (who works very hard for all of her children & doesn’t NEED a thing) we agreed that I would take the place as Madison’s FATHER.”

But something isn’t right with this, just look at the photo below with Madison, her father Mike and some more family. 

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“My son jeremiah my daughter Madison my mother and me. Santa Monica,” Mike posted on IG.

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“Madison and me April 2014 San Fernando Valley California,” he posted. More photos can be found here.

Nevertheless, Cambridge said she knows why Game told everyone Madison was his daughter and that her real father was non-existent to her life.

“I think a lot of times Jayceon likes to do things for shock value.. that’s part of who he is. He is a showman,” she said. “And I think that’s sometimes, majority of the time, he may speak without really thinking.”

She added, “sometimes he does things perfectly just for the shock value of it all. And perhaps that’s what its. I don’t know but I wish him the best in all his endeavors. If he ever decides to take Madison on and assist her as she grows up, that’s good.”