slim thug

Slim Thug

*Talk about too much information.

Slim Thug definitely has club membership with celebrities who have shared too much about themselves on social media…. likely extremely personal stuff.

According to, he revealed he peed on himself through a few hilarious tweets.

Yes, that’s right — in a FEW tweets, he elaborated on the experience of urinating on himself. Eck!

“I think ima need a diaper I lightweight peed on myself tryna run to the restroom this the 2nd time it’s happened a lil shot out,” he tweeted.

But he didn’t stop there, of course. He had to continue entertaining his followers with the hilarious, revealing story. At least he has an idea of what happened to him.

“Does this happen from having too much sex or something ima go to the doctor I can’t be wearing no depends at 33,” he added.

He tweeted another possibility of how and why he peed his pants.

“I got a code on my room door I put the wrong one in tryna rush to the restroom and… [peed] in my shorts.”