Optimus Prime 2

*It’s here! The film that the movie industry hopes, no, prays, will  be the one to revive the sagging box-office season. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” hits theaters today. And the movie’s real star, Optimus Prime, and director Michael Bay aim to make that happen.

Screenings of the two-hour-forty-five-minute movie was held in Hong Kong and all over the United States this past week in cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. EURweb attended the L. A. screening where contributing writer DeBorah B. Pryor, shared her thoughts on what she called her “First Transformers Experience.”

“OK, that does it! I am in love with ‘Optimus Prime’! With this being my first experience watching a Transformers film, I thought I would need a quick exit after hearing how long it would be (2:45m) but the time flew, mainly due to the incredible intensity of the transformers themselves – which I couldn’t even imagine without 3D! The great direction of Michael Bay (who knew ‘metal’ could have personality?), the awesome acting ensemble Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer (Y’all rock!) and “new kids” – the beautiful Nicola Peltz and cutie Jack Reynor, who absolutely shine! And I can’t forget to mention Peter Cullen, the voice behind my new man, Optimus Prime! Now I’ve got to go back and watch one, two and three!”

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