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*Like a lot of folks, Wendy Williams isn’t too happy with what she’s seeing on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding.”

Williams is disgusted with Mama Joyce and Mother Tucker, their shouting match and how they almost fought each other on the show.

She expected much more from older women — guessing reality TV brings out the worst in people.

Still, she expected for older women to talk things out and act more ladylike, not go to blows.

“Mama Joyce, Mother Tucker, I cannot believe what reality TV has reduced you ladies to do,” Wendy said, blasting them in front of her audience.

Although watching it was entertaining for Williams, she said it’s not the right way the mothers should handled themselves.

She added, “while it’s very comical and entertaining, it’s also very disgraceful that you have real moms…fighting on TV.”

Nevertheless, Williams likes Todd Tucker‘s mother, but as for Kandi Burruss‘ mother, she has some advice for her.

“Mama Joyce, please, please conduct yourself in a more ladylike manner,” Wendy implored, adding that the behavior is also reflecting poorly on her daughter.

She continued with, “there are stories out there now about you and your daughter on the Internet that really don’t do anyone of you [service].”

Watch what Williams has to say below: