will packer-rob hardy1*A day after news surfaced of a lawsuit against “Think Like a Man Too” producers Will Packer and Robert Hardy, they are speaking out about the suit, which was filed by Bronner Bros. president and CEO Bernard Bronner.

Although they acknowledged Bronner as a friend, the duo labeled the Bronner Bros.Hair Care owner’s lawsuit as a “frivolous course of action” that is” personal, misguided and petty.”

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“The two of us have been friends for over 20 years and will continue to support each other personally and professionally. Our respective personal careers have taken us in different directions and we have decided it is necessary to dissolve Rainforest Films,” Hardy and Packer said in a statement. “Bernard was a valuable supporter at a key time for Rainforest, and we remain grateful for his assistance. We also understand his disappointment about the shareholders majority vote decision to dissolve Rainforest. We wish only the best for Bernard and all the other Rainforest shareholders. When the emotionalism subsides, we hope Bernard will feel the same and realize that his frivolous course of action is personal, misguided and petty.”

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Hardy and Packer’s response is the latest development to unfold in light of Bronner’s lawsuit. The businessman is suing the pair for breaches of fiduciary duty, gross mismanagement, misappropriation of corporate assets, waste of corporate assets and abuse of control.