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*Willow and Jaden Smith are part of a new wave of Hollywood stars, according to Vanity Fair.

The brother and sister duo are among 23 young stars expected to make major waves in Hollywood as their careers progress.

The two were profiled by Vanity Fair — dishing on some of their favorite things to do and trivia about themselves.

Check it out below:

Willow Smith:
Hometown: Calabasas, California.
Age: 13.
Big break: I Am Legend.
Twitter or Instagram: Twitter.
Favorite shoes: Dr. Martens.
Favorite movie to watch with parents: “Feminist documentaries.”
Starbucks order: Cotton-candy Frappuccino with extra whipped cream.
Dream car: Matte forest-green Jeep.

Jaden Smith:
Hometown: Calabasas, California.
Age: 16.
Previously seen in: The Karate Kid.
Up next: The Karate Kid 2, with Jackie Chan.
Twitter or Instagram: “If I can stay off of both, I will.”
Favorite movie to watch with parents: Mr. Peabody & Sherman.
Last song downloaded: “Cool Water,” by Jaden Smith.
Favorite jeans: “I don’t like jeans. I like drop-crotch pants because jeans are restricting to my legs.”

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