jaden & willow smith

Jaden & Willow Smith

*Oh Lord, here we go … again.

It’s another reason to Miss Willow Smith that “what’s wrong wit dat gurl” look again.

Reports say, Willow, 13, is so ‘obsessed’with snakes she has as many as 10 as pets. And get this, according to US Weekly, they sleep in her room and she even “cuddles” with them in bed. Yuk! 🙂

“She has 10 sleeping in her room and some aren’t in cages!” says an inside. (Definitely TMI and too creepy.)

This same “source” goes on to say that big brother Jaden, 15, also has a thing for the slithery reptiles and he supposedly likes to refer to them as his “girlfriends.”

‘They slither into his bed and curl up with him!’ the insider says.

As far as Willow and snakes are concerned, she got her first boa constrictor in 2008, when she was just seven years old.

The article also pointed out that it’s surprising that one can have so many snakes as pets when LA has such strict laws relating to other animals – with one household only permitted to house three dogs unless they seek consent and are given express permission to have more.