phaedra & apollo

*The other day we reported that Phaedra Parks is reportedly thinking of giving her husband, Apollo Nida, his walking papers now that he’s on his way to jail for bank fraud.

If so that would indicate their marriage is on shaky ground. Or maybe it’s been that way for a while. And if what Apollo told comedian/radio host Rodney Perry on Friday is any indication, it pretty much looks like it game over between them.

“She didn’t even turn up for the f****** sentencing,” Apollo said during his interview on BE100 Radio.

When asked if he thought his marriage to Parks, 41, would make it through his time in prison, he replied: ‘I doubt it.’ And Apollo admitted he was angry about it, using the word ‘salty.’

As we reported, Nida was sentenced to eight years in jail for federal bank fraud and identity theft and on July 8, said he was ‘sad and disappointed in himself’ for letting down his sons, Ayden, three, and Dylan, 14 months.

“It doesn’t make you less of a man to cry, to shed tears. I’m really upset about how I was raised and I could possibly take my sons through the same thing,” he said with regret. “But by the grace of God he’s still young and we have many years ahead of us. I just can’t make those same mistakes.”

Here’s how Apollo described his family life: “This is hell, hell on wheels I’ve asked God to forgive me, I’ve forgiven myself I had to move on like a lot of people I know who didn’t.”

Fortunately in the midst of all the bad news, there’s good news for the 35-year-old convicted felon/reality TV celebrity regarding his restitution of $14 million. His lawyers managed to negotiate the figure down considerably.

‘I’ll pay back $1.9 million by grace of God,’ he said.

Check out the interview below. Warning, NSFW language.