david lee richardson

*The tension is rising at The Potter’s House church in Dallas, Texas, and former church member David Lee Richardson is at the center of it all.

His new book entitled “The Sunday Morning Stickup: What Your Pastor Doesn’t Want You to Know About Tithes” has caused quite a stir among Bishop T.D. Jakes and the rest of the leadership in the church community.

Richardson explains that before the book had even been published, he was called into a private meeting where he was “…stripped of his ministerial license which [he] held for more than 20 years,” based on the cover of the book alone. Richardson claims that those focused on becoming wealthy from running their own churches feel extremely threatened by some of the messages and information within his book.

He and his two children were also physically escorted out of the church while attending a service a few weeks later, humiliating him in front of his children were traumatized by the fact that their father was removed from church by the police.

When Richardson questioned the police as to why he was removed, the police explained to Richardson that the church asked them to get rid of him and that he may not ever return to the church without the possibility of him being arrested.

Listen as Richardson explains the situation below: