*Rumors of strife in their marriage don’t seem to be bothering Jay Z and Beyonce – or maybe they’re trying to throw everyone off with the latest pic the singer posted on her website.

Mom, Dad and daughter Blue Ivy – hair in a bun – are shown checking out an art exhibit in Brooklyn.

The photo comes as Beyoncé made headlines switching up two lines in the couple’s On the Run tour stop in Cincinnati Saturday.

She wore a white wedding dress and veil to perform her 2006 infidelity-ode “Resentment.” On the recorded version of the song Beyoncé sings, “Been ridin’ with you for six years.” On Saturday, she changed the line to, “Been ridin’ with you for the past 12 years.” For some reason, Bey decided to add six years to the lyric.

The singer also seemed to direct her angst at an unknown mistress by adding the lyric: “She ain’t even half of me. That b**ch will never be me.”