CHP Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn on Los Angeles radio station KJLH.

CHP Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn on Los Angeles radio station KJLH.

*Today in Los Angeles on Stevie Wonder owned KJLH-FM, California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn took to their airwaves on the Front Page show with Dominique DiPrima to dodge (yes, we said dodge) discussing the recorded video of the July 1 beating of 51-year-old Marlene Pinnock that has since gone viral.  His appearance comes just one day after the family of Pinnock announced a civil rights violation lawsuit.

When asked if there was anything, anything to justify the beating of Ms. Pinnock by that CHP officer, Chief O’Quinn responded:

“An officer is permitted to use the force that is necessary to overcome resistance.  It’s doesn’t say equal force.  It says to overcome the resistance that they’re experiencing.”

Well, we’re not sure if O’Quinn saw the same video the rest of the world saw.  If he did, then he should have just answered no and called it a day.  No, Marlene Pinnock didn’t do a damn thing to justify that officer beating her to the ground like she was nobody and nothing.

Let us recap, because maybe we missed something the first one hundred times we watched this video.

Nope, like we said before.  The victim didn’t do anything to justify her very public beat down on a Los Angeles freeway by a cop.

But we digressed.

Also during the show Chief O’Quinn told Black Los Angeles that the agency was trying to be as transparent as possible–but still wouldn’t give up the name of the officer who put the beat down on Ms. Pinnock.  This even though the CHP has executed a search warrant for her medical records and has put all of her business in the streets.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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