gloreatha scurry smith,

*Florida GOP primary candidate Gloreatha Scurry-Smith is the victim of an extreme case of racism.

Smith tweeted a photo of her vandalized face covered in white spray paint on a campaign sign.

Smith’s husband found the sign in Jacksonville, Florida. She expected signs to be messed with, but this is an extreme.

He told the National Review,  [she] “expect[ed] signs to be tampered with or stolen, but not to this extent.”

The vandalized photo can be seen below:

gloreatha scurry smith,

The campaign sign shows Smith in whiteface — due to her involvement with the GOP is the best explanation for the vandalism.

“Throughout this entire incident, I go back to Martin Luther King’s comment that we look forward to a time when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” Smith added. “I’ve got too much work to focus on to be bothering with things like this.”

She continued with, “to be talking about signs is ludicrous to me — and you know, and whatever happened was unfortunate but I personally do not get involved in campaigning months in advance.”

Her primary opponent Thuy Lowe was disgusted by the vandalism.

She told the National Review, “I was shocked by this,” Lowe said. “There have been some comments out there that this may have been caused by bigotry. This is a message that she is an African American woman who is a Republican and therefore has a white point of view.”

Smith spoke to many media outlets and also, posted a message on Facebook about the incident.

  • Please know that I do not know who did this, nor am I concerned with pointing fingers. It is important that we forgive and move on regardless of the person’s reason for doing this. My desire was to bring awareness, and hopeful make one think before doing something like this again.

  • We are overwhelmed by your comments and concerns. Thousands of people have viewed the post, sent text messages, emails and called me. Thank you for all of the kinds words and prayers. Please know that we are focusing on the campaign, and we will continue working hard to earn the constituent’s vote and your support. I’m reminded of Gen. 50:20 …what was meant for evil, God will use for a good purpose. You can volunteer, donate, request a sign, etc., and find out more about the campaign at

The GOP primary will happen on August 26.