black-jesus*Adult Swim may have its new program “Black Jesus” on tap to premiere next month, but Minister Paul Scott is targeting the show for protest.

According to reports the Messianic Afrikan Nation member is calling for a boycott of the network if the show isn’t cancelled.

“This show is the “Satanic Verses” of the Black Theology movement,” says Scott, who compared “Black Jesus” to the controversial Salman Rushdie book. In his eyes, the series sets the Black community back hundreds of years by making a mockery of the concept of a Black Messiah.

Scott’s opposition of “Black Jesus” comes after the recent release of a trailer for the upcoming series. The columnist, coined the phrase “Afrikan Liberation Theology” further argues that “Black Jesus” does a disservice to the Black leaders and theologies who have dedicated their lives to advancing a Black Liberation Theology like Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Albert Cleage (Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman) and Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango.

In light of Black children killing each other in cities like Chicago, Scott believes the Black community needs to see a proper image of a Black Messiah in 2014.

“We need miracles. Not minstrel shows,” the Durham, NC minister and activist said.

“Black Jesus,” premieres Aug. 7 on Adult Swim. Check out the promo/trailer below: