brazilian money

*(Via Financial Juneteenth) – While America’s middle class shrinks and entrepreneurship is encouraged in the African American community, Brazil’s middle class is growing, and Afro-Brazillian business owners are actively on the rise.

In the past decade, Brazil’s middle class has grown by 38 percent, according to the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Presidency. Of these new middle-class citizens, 80 percent are black. Also, between 2000 and 2012, the income for black Brazilians has risen over 100 percent, more than any other group in the country, according to Globo Newspaper.

There is said to be three reasons for this rise in the middle class and black income, according to TheRoot. One explanation is that the government programs that aim to decrease discrimination are actually working. Another factor is Adriana Barbosa.

Twelve years ago, Barbosa realized that many of the products and services available in Brazil did not cater to the country’s black population. That is when she created Feira Preta, a business fair that showcases products and services provided by black companies.

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