busta rhymes (lifesavers wardrobe)

*Busta Rhymes looked like the spokesman for Lifesavers to some of the folks watching the 2014 BET Awards.

Rhymes received much backlash for his choice of fashion — opening up the doors for social media to poke fun. However, the veteran rhymer has a message for his critics.

He wants them to know he didn’t care 22 years ago or he doesn’t care now about their criticisms of his wardrobe.

“It’s a good thing,” he said. “One thing people have to remember about Busta Rhymes is that if I ever really gave a f***, I wouldn’t be the same dude that everybody has grown to love 22 years later.”

He continued on letting the haters know he’s comfortable in his fashion.

“I’m the same dude who could comfortably put on Givenchy s***, Tom Ford s***, and then could come through, turn around and customize a sleeveless trench vest like the one that I had on when I was standing next to Martha Stewart.”

Rhymes is amused by all the attention, nevertheless. He always is amused by the attention.

“The beautiful thing at the end of the day is that there’s never been a time in music when a motherf***** ain’t talking about Busta Rhymes,” he said. ” It’s when they stop talking that we have a concern. And I’m not really going to have that concern ever. You’re going to see me doing a whole of other s*** in addition to this, because I’m always going to diversify the portfolio, and I’m always going to keep growing, and keep going.”

And at the end of the day, he’s confident about himself as a rapper and performer — no matter what is being said about him.

“The same guy that you might have some bad s*** to say about is going to be the same guy that’s going to f*** everybody up on every record that he gets on, and he’s going to outperform everybody on every stage that he performs on,” he said. “And he’s going to wear whatever the f*** he wants, and he’s going to say what the f*** he wants, and he’s going to do what he wants because that’s the same guy that everybody has known to love.”

Nevertheless, the critics had fun posting about his wardrobe choices. Just check out the photo below.

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