cupid & nephew tommy (oatmeal)

*The Dance Party King, otherwise known as Cupid, is back with another dance hit to follow his timeless smash hit “Cupid Shuffle” and his latest dance sensation, “Wham Dance!”

This time he’s introducing another musical guest, “Oatmeal.” The high energy rapper is played by none other than comedian Nephew Tommy from The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Cupid and Nephew Tommy introduce the single “2×4” which is a fun upbeat line dance song. They play two cooks at a wedding who are looking for their big break! Cupid hands to song over to the DJ and you see the crowd get out of their seats! It brings together everyone and empowers them to dance and let loose and just have fun!

In other Cupid news, the line dance master is getting ready to release his new album Timeless in late August! He also just wrapped up performing at this year’s 20th anniversary of Essence Festival. But that’s not all. Cupid is set for Steve Harvey’s highly anticipated Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta.

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