Claudette Ortiz

*This past Wednesday, “R&B Divas: LA fans were not tuned to the ESPYs! They were watching “Even Divas Have Demons” the premiere episode of season 2, which aired Wednesday on TV One.

Singers Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le sat down with EUR associate Fahnia Thomas and talked all things “RBDLA.”

EUR: This is a show about Divas…out of all the divas who throws the most shade?

Michel’le: You know who the palm tree is in the show. I don’t have to say any names… Mo it’s you! The new ladies aren’t trees yet…this is their first season so they’re quiet.

Claudette Ortiz: This show redefined the word diva. Like Beyonce says, ‘a diva is a female version of a hustle,’ and I think that is true. We are business women, mothers, wives, we have a lot to share that most women can relate to.

EUR: What can viewers expect to see from you this season, that is different from season one?

Claudette Ortiz: Last season I was very observant. I was going through a lot. I was coming out of a deep dark place in my life. Now I am a lot more talkative, bubbly, and happy. I’m excited to be getting into new endeavourers in my life and viewers will see a lot of that.

Michel’le: Me and Claudette said 12 words last season because there was no room for us to talk. When people say, ‘oh, I didn’t know Michel’le was like that,’ it was because they didn’t get a chance to see us. It wasn’t our battle last season. This season we don’t shut up.

R&B Divas LA

EUR: Leela James & Chrisette Michele are joining the show…What do you think about the divas?

Claudette Ortiz: The new divas have very different personalities and they bring different colors and aspects to the show. They are both extremely talented artist.

EUR: Does Kelly Price appear on any of this seasons episodes with you?

Michel’le: I’m not sure where Kelly (Price) is. I hope they explain that to us. I see the show when the viewers see the show. We don’t know how she is faded out from last season into this one.

claudette ortiz automatic

EUR: Is your new single “Automatic” about a specific person?

Claudette Ortiz: It is not about any particular person. I didn’t write it, Sickpen wrote it. I heard it and loved the way it moved and it is somewhere that I have been before. I know there are a lot of ladies there now. I love to interrupt a certain sound or emotion when other writers write things. It’s a nice challenge.


EUR: What is your relationship like with your past band mates form City High?

Claudette Ortiz: Everything is cool now with me and Ryan Toby. We’re finally on a level playing field, where we get along well and both agree on how to raise our children.

I don’t know about the other guy (Robbie Pardlo). I don’t speak to him at all.


EUR: What is the biggest rumor or misconception about you?

Michel’le: How I got out of the bed with Dr Dre and in the bed with Suge Knight. How my children get along. Me and substance abuse.