*R&B Divas: L.A. star Lil Mo sings some of her latest single “Shooda Neva Let U Go,” during her promo tour for the hit TV One show.

Mo speaks season 2, Kelly Price, her ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview, her new fiancé, and her divorce with EUR associate Fahnia Thomas.

EUR: This is a show about Divas…out of all the divas who throws the most shade?

Lil Mo: Charlamagne from “The Breakfast Club” crowned me the Queen of Shade. But my shade isn’t the kind of shade, where I walk around trying to be extra. Mine comes from my facial expressions! My facial expressions are the ultimate shade! I saw some of the clips from this season and as much as I try to hide my emotions…my face gives it away! You can tell what Leela James is thinking too. Just watch everyone’s facial expressions this season…it gives it all away!

EUR: You have really great one liners and comments…

Lil Mo: A lot of people are like, ‘yo you need to put that on a shirt.’ I don’t even remember saying, ‘you are wicked, you are evil and you need to stop!’ There is going to be a lot of hash tagging this season.

EUR: Will your fiancé be making any cameo appearances this season?

Lil’Mo: When we were filming he was training, plus I didn’t want him to be in the middle of my drama. We’ll save that for our own TV show, we are working on. But there were times, when I was on FaceTime and forgot the cameras were rolling and I had my microphone on, so there’s no telling what you might get…

EUR: Does Kelly Price appear on any of this seasons episodes with you?

Lil Mo: When people couldn’t control things, they started acting out of character. This is a platform and opportunity doesn’t knock too many times in the music industry. If I were them, I would’ve just rode it out and figured out a way to make it more pleasurable. Some people came in with attitudes during the first season. I would ask her, ‘why are you here?’ No one is forcing us to be here. Kelly and I have had a chance to talk and have buried the hatch.

R&B Divas LAEUR: What can viewers expect to see from you this season, that is different from season one?

Lil Mo: I’ve taken it to the next level! The show picks up from right after the “Divalogues” episode. You’ll see the big difference between Cynthia vs Lil Mo. It gets back into the essence of why people really feel in love with Lil Mo.

R&B Divas LAEUR: Do you think you were too real, during your interview at “The Breakfast Club,” by talking about your abortion, cheating and threesomes?

Lil Mo: No, because it will all be in my book, “Taming Lil’ Mo.” I love being an open book because you never know who you are helping or healing. I would never tell it…just to be telling my business. I can be raw and uncut at “The Breakfast Club” because those are my peoples.