chadwick boseman - get on up

*Chadwick Boseman plays James Brown in the upcoming anticipated musical biopic, “Get On Up.”

Boseman seemed to definitely tap into the life and musical genius of Brown — as the film chronicles his rise to fame, killer dance moves, and his ups and downs.

Boseman dished to theGrio about Brown’s ups and downs — including truths about his drug addiction.

“I think people usually make statements about him being crazy. Most people think that he was on drugs his whole life, and that’s absolutely not true,” Boseman said.

He added, “there was a period of time where he did make that a part of his life, but it wasn’t the entire time. In fact, he spent a lot of time being anti-drugs, a lot of time making songs about that.”

Boseman studied and now gets James Brown very well. All the reason why Brown’s family made the right decision in giving a blessing for the film to be made.

This is the second go-around of Boseman playing an American and black icon in a biopic. He starred as Jackie Robinson in “42” last year. But he does not plan to play anymore significant historical icons. But he said never say never.

“The rest of the characters need to be made up. No more icons until God sends on,” he said.

“Get On Up” is coming to theaters August 1.

Watch the interview below: