kayden elijah kinckle

*Here’s a heart tugging story that will have you in tears and smiles at the same time.

In Englewood, New Jersey a family is raising funds for their brave 2-year-old son.

Little Kayden Elijah Kinckle – a true hero in our book – had his right foot and his left amputated in January is learning how to walk with prosthetics. Here’s what MyFoxNY is reporting:

Kayden was born with omphalocele, a type of abdominal wall birth defect that sometimes makes organs stick out of the body.

His mother Nikki says that doctors told her that he would never survive outside of the body and suggested that she terminate her pregnancy.

“God said everything would be alright,” Nikki Kinckle says.

While in the womb, Elijah had the umbilical cord wrapped around his feet, pinning them under her pelvic bone that caused some deformity.

She delivered early so the omphalocele wouldn’t be as big as predicted. His spine and hip bones were fine and mentally there were no issues.

She says that her and her husband stepped out on faith. After two abdominal surgeries and having his right foot and left leg amputated, Kayden was fitted with prosthetics and is learning to walk.

Nikki posted video of his first steps, but says it’s more than that.

“We celebrate his life as well and every step he takes will be to glorify God. We want the whole world to know his testimony,” Nikki Kinckle says. ” Thank you for all of your awesome responses and my family is so happy that God used Kayden Elijah Knickle to encourage and inspire so many people.”

Now, if you’d like to help Kayden and his family, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Steppin’ Out on Faith” has been launched to raise money for his medical bills. “We are confident and faithful that God will make a way for him to have a wonderful life and not have to go to special schools,” said Kayden’s mother, Nikki, in the campaign.

The family has raised over $10,000 towards their goal of $50,000.

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Meanwhile, watch the video below to see little Kayden Elijah Kinckle learning to take his first solo steps with a tiny walker and gleefully says, “I got it.”