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*K. Michelle is sick and tired of the critics hating on her body image.

Women attack her for her behind — calling the “Rebellious Soul” singer’s big ol’ booty fake.

But in true K. Michelle fashion, she had a message for all her haters out there after posting a series of photos showing off her curves.

“I post the pictures and watch all the ugly chicks hate,” she began in a iPhone text-turned statement on Instagram. “We get it. You think my ass is fake, you think looking like spongebob is better. Understand this your man Loves it. My DM’s will hurt your feelings. Now carry on miserable. Go to sleep ugly and wake up ugly. Salute to my real chicks. I love y’all support!”

But she isn’t hiding anything really. She admitted to having a surgical operation. She told a fan to “try working out and fat transfer [that’s what I did].”

k michelle,

BTW, Moguldom Films’ is exploring women interest in increasing their backsides in a new documentary, “Bottoms Up.”

K. Michelle is not only familiar with the interest, she did it successfully. Nevertheless, her success is based on her passion for music. She became the breakout superstar of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” And last year her album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 upon its release.

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