*Kanye West says he has won a court battle with the makers of a digital currency called Coinye.

The rapper has moved for a default judgment against the creators of the computer-only currency called Coinye West after they failed to respond to his Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, court records show.

West’s legal team says he’s entitled to the judgment because the Coinye makers “have failed to answer or otherwise respond” to the rapper’s lawsuit, and the time for them to do so has elapsed, reports the New York Daily News.

His suit sought a court order forcing the company to stop using variations of his name, and unspecified money damages.

“With each day that passes, Mr. West’s reputation is irreparably harmed by the continued use” of the knockoff names Coinye and Coinye West, his suit said.

It said the product misled the public into thinking the swell-headed superstar was involved with the computer currency.

Only two of the 12 named defendants in the case responded, and one, Robbie Hontele, “executed a confidential settlement agreement” with West and his company earlier this month, filings show. The other, Richard McCord, was close to a deal last month, filings show.

The computer-only currency mocks the rap star with its design. Another defendant who did not respond, Ian Craig, allegedly mocked West’s lawyers when they sent him a cease and desist letter earlier this year. He reportedly sent the lawyers a letter saying he wouldn’t change the name of his CoinyeCasino until West sent a “person video.”

The programmers later said they’d change the name, but it still shows up in various sites online.

If Judge Analisa Torres signs off on the default judgment, that would arm West with a court order for the name change, and allow him to go forward with a hearing on money damages.

Kim Kardashian husband might have a hard time collecting any real cash though — his suit says some of the developers live in New Zealand, Slovakia and China.