kevin garnett,

*Oh boy. is Kevin Garnett‘s neighbor ever pissed at him!

The neighbor is so mad that he’s suing the Brooklyn Nets center for ruining his ocean view.

The neighbor who owns the $3.5 mansion next door to Garnett is suing him for lying about his home’s renovation, which cost the neighbor his ocean view.

The neighbor is claiming the NBA baller’s home renovation was illegal and deceiving.

He claimed Garnett was supposed to only do minor renovations to his home.

However, Garnett had elaborate construction done on his mansion starting back in 2013.

But apparently, Garnett never obtained the proper permits to have the construction done on his $9.5 million mansion.

The neighbor said Garnett purposely avoided the permits — lying about only doing minor re-modeling instead of adding on to his home.

Garnett has reportedly refused to “trim, prune and lace trees and foliage.” Therefore, his neighbor isn’t able to see the pacific. 

Well, at least the neighbor tried to reach out to KG. He tried to tell him how he felt about mansion blocking his view. He said KG and his wife could care less.

Now the neighbor is suing for damages and wants the judge to force KG to remove whatever is blocking his view.