Larenz Tate

*Larenz Tate is already starring on one hit TV show, USA’s “Rush,” but fans of “Scandal” want him to take over Columbus Short‘s vacated role.

He can do it since many actors on TV have multiple gigs, but he didn’t want to open up about any involvement with the hit ABC drama.

He talked about “Rush,” but dodged questions about “Scandal” when he talked with Wendy Williams.

“I would love to have two jobs. ’Rush’ is a really great show. It’s a medical drama,” he said.

He added, “some of our storylines are loosely based off of events that go on. The only constant thing in his life has been his best friend…I’m the complete total opposite.

“I have what you could consider the ideal life, but I start going into a bit of his world as the show progresses,” he said.

He quickly changed the subject from “Scandal” back to his new show, “Rush,” effortlessly.

“It’s unfortunate that he’s gone through some serious and tough times, but I’m happy with what I’m doing right now and that’s ‘Rush.’”

USA”s new medical drama “Rush” premieres on July 17.

Watch the interview below: