lebron miami mural defaced

*LeBron James has decided to take his amazing talents back to his original team the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Miami Heat fans were quick to express their discontent.

The Heat fans quickly turned on man who was instrumental in bringing two titles to Miami and four straight NBA Finals appearances.

Just a few hours after announcing his decision to return to the Cavaliers, a mural depicting LeBron and the rest of the supporting cast during the era of the Big Three was defaced in South Beach.

The mural, which took artist Serge Toussaint two years to complete, now has LeBron’s face blacked out with paint and the words “Thanks LeBron” spray painted across it. Later on in the day after his decision to leave, there were pictures of humorous LeBron faces posted on top of the vandalized mural.

However, while Miami is trying its hardest to forget about LeBron, Cleveland is already doing everything in their power to welcome King James back to their struggling basketball team, and erase all the feelings of the rocky divorce between LeBron and the Cavaliers the first time around.

Meanwhile, another NBA free agent has caused quite a stir after giving multiple teams the runaround. After weeks of waiting on Carmelo Anthony to make a decision as to whether or not he will leave the New York Knicks and sign with another team, he decides to return to the Knicks.

After entertaining offers from the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, and the Chicago Bulls, Anthony has decided to re-sign with the Knicks based on the fact that he trusts Phil Jackson and his abilities in the front office to build a championship caliber team within the next couple of years.

Jackson has already begun to assert himself within the organization by bringing in guards such as Jose Calderon and Shane Larking, as well as the capable swingman Wayne Ellington to beef up the Knicks roster. No doubt Jackson will also be trying to make financial adjustments by moving Andrea Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire next season after both of their contracts are up to create some breathing room to add more talent.

Anthony also has great faith in new head coach Derek Fisher and his abilities to bring a veteran and championship mentality to the team. After an 11-year career, Anthony has been able to accomplish making it to the first couple rounds of the playoffs, but he has still not won a championship. It is clear that patience will have to be a virtue Anthony will have to learn to develop if he is putting his faith in the development of the New York Knicks franchise.

30 year old Anthony has agreed to a five-year maximum contract with the Knicks for about $130 million.