lil mo, prince,

*Lil Mo is very mad at the Purple One — Prince. She shaded him on social media.

She’s upset the New Orleans police prevented her from using the restroom at the 2014 Essence Festival this past weekend.

And she’s blaming Prince! He was about to go on stage to perform when she wasn’t allowed to use the restroom. 

She said she was even “pushed in the stomach” as she tried to make her way to the restroom, but was turned away.

She posted on Instagram about the incident, “Erbody think they not human.”

lil mo, prince,

lil mo, prince,

Mo shaded Prince for lack of hits lately and not hitting his high notes at the Essence Festival.

So many fans weren’t happy with Lil Mo. Many taking to Instagram and Twitter to tell her how they really feel.

“Girl bye and what was the last song you had out? Oh I’ll wait. It’s Prince @thelilmoshow you can hold your pee for a few more seconds or better yet why you didn’t pee early? Please have ALL the seats in the Superdome.”

“Did u tell em u were superwoman??”

“You should be grateful you were in the presence of The Legendary Prince Rogers Nelson!!! Know your place, which is an irrelevant one. Oh and by the way, Prince could have written 3 or 4 albums while you were in the bathroom. Lol”

“but wait you have a VIP all access pass tho!!! You must’ve won that from 92q cause real celebs don’t need those to walk freely back stage! Sit ya short big lip ass in the corner some damn where and be quiet!! You haven’t been relevant in 13 years… Shit you wasn’t relevant then lol”

Fans went in on Lil Mo and her lack of celebrity — not even close to reaching Prince’s iconic status.

“First of all I had to Google your ass to even know who u were. Second no matter what you do you will never be at his level. Prince is music royalty. No he hasn’t had an album in a few years but you still hear all his old shit in the radio. Sounds like someone has a little celebrity attitude to but it didn’t work for you. So in the words of IceCube…….BYE FELICIA.”

“Real celebs, even HAS BEENS, don’t need a PASS to mingle with their peers, and last I checked Prince didn’t work for a security company so why is your hatefulness directed at him? You need to take several fuckin seats and perhaps get some class about yourself. #crabsinabucket #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong”

“I’m sure Prince doesn’t have to beg for gigs and advertise that he’s “available for booking” on his Instagram page… Or any page for that matter… Just sayin… *kanye shrug*”

Prince might have even shaded Lil Mo too. He posted a photo of himself with a captain that could have been aimed at Lil Mo.

“WINNER OF THE CAPTION THIS PICTURE THANG: ‘I hope she knows, none of her clothes match.'”

Lil Mo doesn’t seem to care too much about her critics — posting a photo for her haters and another photo about her family.

lil mo, haters,

lil mo kids,

The  photo with her boyfriend Karl Dargan and their family read, “this is ALL i want and need!!”