malia obama - gjelina

*A note to all photo agencies.

Malia Obama is off limits, no matter what. AKM-GSI agency learned this rule first hand.

A photographer for the agency took a picture of Malia as she left Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA. The first daughter was at the restaurant with some friends, TMZ reports. After taking the picture, the photographer took it to AKM-GSI to sell. Several hours after posting the photo on its website for interested media outlets to purchase, the report says  the agency received a call from First Lady Michelle Obama’s office, asking them to take the pictures of Malia off the website and delete them from their files.

To further emphasize their point, Mrs. Obama’s people told AKM-GSI they had promises from various media outlets not to take pictures of Malia and her sister Sasha when they’re not in the presence of their father, President Barack Obama.

Upon agreeing with the First Lady, the agency sent an e-mail to the outlets with the subject, “URGENT SET KILL NOTICE.”

“Please delete the set of Malia Obama from your archive. The set was sent around earlier today. We cannot distribute this set,” the message read.

The moral of the story? Don’t take pictures of the president’s daughter unless you’re looking for someone to contact you personally with an executive offer you can’t refuse.