mayweather press conference

Oh Lord, crap just got real real between boxing champ FloydMoney” Mayweather and rapper T.I. over Tiny.

UPDATE: Mayweather Denies Saying He Had Sex with T.I.’s Wife – Tiny Confirms (Read the full report, HERE)

If you recall, a couple of months ago, as we reported, T.I. confronted Mayweather about having an affair with his wife Tiny at a Fatburger in Las Vegas in a heated argument that almost led to blows. In fact, Mayweather apologized to Tiny for calling her a b*tch in the heat of the moment.

Well after the boxer’s press conference earlier today in Washington, DC, we can assume that apology is null and void.

At that presser for his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana, someone from the audience conveniently asked Floyd, ‘What about T.I.?“

You’ll have to listen closely around the 1:16 mark ’cause with his 14-year-old daughter Iyanna sitting next to him, with absolutely no shame Floyd replied, “F*ck the b*tch. I was f*cking his b*tc h. MoneyMay gon’ make it do what it do.”

If this is Mayweather’s way to hype the upcoming fight, or if it isn’t, he’s proven once again that wealth and fame does not equal class.