miki howard (screenshot)
*Miki Howard looked vibrant and stylish as she sat poolside in a black fedora, tinted shades, and a red lip.

Her look fit her attitude has she was all smiles and laughs when talking about her new project with EURweb’s Lee Bailey.

“We did a live C.D. It encompasses all the things that we’ve done from ‘Come Share My Love’ to ‘Baby Be Mine,’ ‘Love Under New Management,’” says Howard. Miki also talks about incorporating a 70’s feel as well.

She glowed as she talked more about the first single “Panther.” Miki clued us in as far as the production aspect of it and the inspiration of the single.

“[Panther] is just dealing with life and being strong. I went through the cougar stage… but I’m way too old to be a cougar.”

Yes, she explains the difference between a cougar and a panther and how “Panther” is a song of empowerment.

Her new album I Choose to Be Happy is a collection of rerecorded hits including “Come Share My Love.” Miki has decided to make this a live studio album so fans new and old can get a feel for what it is she has been doing all along, live shows.

“People always want to hear these songs. As they grow around you they grow new leaves, new meanings, new ways of expressing it.”

Miki Howard’s album I Choose to Be Happy is available now.

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