*It’s amazing to think it’s been three years since KING released their EP The Story, but it has, and music lovers have been clamoring for more from the trio since those three songs entered our consciousness.

There have been teases; “Move Love” with Robert Glasper and last year’s masterful “In The Meantime,” but with the release of “Mister Chameleon” and a recent listening party in Los Angeles, it seems as if we’re finally on the cusp of the full-length version of The Story.

“Mister Chameleon” has KING’s trademark harmonies wrapped around the storytelling that’s become a staple of theirs as well. Amber Strother assumes the role of narrator and tells of a “man who has too many shades”, not allowing him to commit and driving her insane in the process. Twin sister Paris and friend Anita round out the trio with well-placed vocals that add to the resolve of Amber’s lead to move on, as she uses the constantly changing colors of her beau to explain her situation, his moods and the consistent state of flux their relationship is in.

The release of “Mister Chameleon” comes just as KING is prepared to debut at the Essence Music Festival this weekend and gear up for the highly anticipated release of their debut album, The Story. Listen to “Mister Chameleon” and visit KING’s home on the web at