Lynn Manning and Ron Brewington

Lynn Manning (left) and Ron Brewington

On July 17 poet, playwright and actor Lynn Manning was interviewed on ActorsE Chat by host Ron Brewington.

It’s a very interesting and insightful interview as Manning tells the story of how, in 1978 at age 23, he was shot while hanging out at his favorite local Hollywood bar by someone who disliked him for reasons he never knew. He was blinded as a result. The person who shot him has never been brought to justice.

Manning views his blindness not as a handicap, but rather a turning point. He admits that the worst possible thing that can happen is to lose your sight, but his inner-strength has taken him through doors he otherwise would not have entered. He says he had to learn patience, how to plan ahead, and how to trust people. He’s learned to use his other senses better after being freed from what he calls ‘lookism.’ In the dialog in his one-man show he says, ‘In the process of learning to use those other tools [senses] I recognize what a distraction sight is…we are very visual creatures…we miss so much…we don’t hear, we don’t smell, we don’t feel the world around us.’

Watch the interview as Manning tells how after losing his sight, he re-directed his energy and focus to writing. He describes his very interesting technique for memorizing his work.

Lynn Manning and Ron Brewington

You’ll be thrilled to hear Manning recite one of his poems titled ‘Where Does It Hurt?’ which is included (in part) in his autobiographical solo show called ‘Weights.’

Listen to the story of how, in 1990, Manning became the World Champion of Blind Judo.

Manning’s new play, ‘Hollywood in the ‘Hood’ opens this weekend July 26, and 27 at 11AM. It’s a literal ‘tour play’ whereby the audience is tour-guided to four different locations where the scenes are played out in the city of Watts, California. Tickets are available online. For further information please visit

Watch entire interview below:

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