Michael Jordan- LeBron James*They may never play each other on the basketball court, but LeBron James can say he beat Michael Jordan at least once in his career.

The former Miami Heat player was named the most popular American male athlete in a recent Harris Poll.

The poll, which was done before James returned to the Cleveland Cavalier as a free agent and before he and the Heat lost in the NBA Finals, marks the first time the NBA all-star took the number one spot as the most popular male athlete.

James, who recently signed a two-year contract with Cleveland, was nowhere in the top 10 the last time he was a free agent, in light of his much-publicized “Decision” striking a negative chord with some basketball fans. The poll’s findings were based on a representative sample of 2,241 people polled last month, according to ESPN, which noted that Jordan topped the list last year.

As for the female athletes, the top spot went to Serena Williams, who was followed by NASCAR driver Danica Patrick at No. 2.

The full the top five list for male athletes reads as follows:

1. LeBron James
2. Michael Jordan
3. Derek Jeter
4. Peyton Manning
5. (tied) Kobe Bryant/Dale Earnhardt Jr.