*Remember that incident Ray J was in back in May at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel?

You know, the one where he was arrested for getting drunk and actin’ a fool and brushed up against some woman’s butt and was ordered to leave? Yes, that incident. Well, it’s turned into some really bad news for Brandy’s bad actin’ little brother.

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According to a TMZ report, the L.A. County D.A. has thrown the book at Ray J and on Monday cuffed him with 10 CRIMES in connection with his drunken antics. But check this out. The D.A. charged the actor/singer with sexual battery even though cops say no such crime was committed.

But there’s a slight problem because police told TMZ at the time it was NOT a sexual battery because the contact was “incidental” — not intentional.

Ray J left the bar and then went nuts in an alcohol-fueled rampage. He was arrested, kicked out the window of a cop car and spit on an officer. Ray J told TMZ … he kicked out the window because he was claustrophobic.

In addition to the misdemeanor battery charge, Ray J was charged with 4 counts of resisting arrest, 3 counts of assault and battery and 2 counts of vandalism … all misdemeanors.

Hmm, looks like Ray J has got the attention of somebody inj the DA’s office and apparently they are not a fan.

All we can say is good luck Ray J. and make sure you lawyer up, big time.