black male & female (b&w)*(via iDateDaily) – Over the weekend I posted a status on my Facebook (FB) page asking women if they felt a general sense of protection from men in today’s society.

It was a simple yes or no question. The response I receieved was devastating. Majority of the women, actually all except for one, responded “No.” It broke my heart to see women respond this way. Many guys, I’m sure, will say they would protect women that they didn’t know; but oftentimes when situations where women need protection present themselves (think: street harassment) men often say, “Not Me” or “I’m not one of those guys, I’m a good guy.” I have much to say on the whole “Good guy” thing but I’ll save that for another day. It is not the time for the brothers who do find themselves protecting women or who have the desire to do so, to sit on the sidelines and cheer themselves on about their good behavior.

Whether you or I like it or not, when these women say they don’t feel a sense of protection when they generally think of men in today’s society that includes YOU. Me. US. We have to take responsiblity for the culture that exists and we have to become active participants in changing the perception these ladies have of us.

Let’s break down protection for a second. Protection goes beyond defending a woman against some guy on the street who’s attacking her, it’s more complex than that. The protection that we should be seeking to give women manifests itself in three forms: Emotional Protection, Financial Protection, and, of course, Physical Protection. Women deserve much more than big tough guys who are willing to throw blows.

Here are three ways we can protect women:

1 – Financial Protection: I remember about a year ago a lady friend of mine had hit a rough patch. She didn’t have any groceries in her house and she had a daughter to take care of. Through conversation, she told me about the situation she was going through and I felt compelled to assist her. I didn’t go into Trader Joe’s and spend hundreds of dollars on groceries, but she was able to get enough groceries to provide food for herself and her daughter until her next check came. I don’t say this to brag, as this should be the norm for men. I was in the position to assist this young lady, and there was absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t have. We don’t always have to limit our help to women we’re sleeping with. But speaking of intimacy, if you are going to choose to sleep with a woman and be in a relationship with her, you should try your best to enhance your own financial situation so that you can provide a comfortable lifestyle for the woman you are accountable for. Too often I’m seeing women not only bringing more to the table, but also working harder than the man to bring home the bacon. There is no reason your woman should be working two jobs trying to make ends meet while you are content with your one job coming home to drink and watch TV. As men, we should demand better from ourselves.

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