aaron-schock*In a rare show of being on the same page, a Republican congressman actually agreed with something President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama did.

According to TMZ.com, Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock feels that the commander and chief and his wife did nothing wrong and were right in trying to protect their daughters Malia and Sasha by pressuring media outlets not to publish and post photos of the girls when they’re out and about.

In regards to a picture a photo agency took of Malia leaving Gjelina, a popular L.A. restaurant, frequented by celebrities and paparazzi, Schock responded to TMZ on Sunday with a comparison between the Bush twins and the current first daughters.

Malia’s picture generated headlines recently after Mrs. Obama’s people contacted the photo agency and got them to delete the photo.

To get the scoop on Congressman Aaron Schock’s comparison, check out the video below: