Eric Garner

Eric Garner who was killed by NY/Staten Island PD officers is seen feeding baby

*New York, NY — Rev. Al Sharpton will preach at the historic Riverside Church this Sunday, July 20th.

During his sermon Rev. Sharpton will call on faith based leaders to come together to demand justice for the family of Eric Garner.

On Thursday – as we reported – Mr. Garner was thrown to the ground in a chokehold by Staten Island police and he later died at the hospital. The incident was recorded on video showing the father of five, who suffered from asthma, repeatedly telling police that he could not breathe.

On Saturday the Garner family joined Rev. Sharpton at NAN’s rally where he demanded a full investigation into this case. He later held a rally with the Garner family, faith based leaders, and community activists in Staten Island before marching to the local Staten Island police precinct.

Rev. Sharpton will also lead a special prayer at Riverside for the victims of the recent Malaysia airlines crash.

The service is open to the public and begins at 10:45 a.m. at Riverside Church at 490 Riverside Drive in New York. The service will also be live streamed on NAN’s homepage at

Riverside is an eighty-four year old interdenominational church that has a history of social justice with Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Cesar Chavez just a few of the notable speakers.


Jacky Johnson
National Action Network
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